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Up In The Air

I can’t fly on this damn plane because, at age 27, I have lost two wonderful people in my life. Two people who had come to define my experience of being free of boundaries, and my freedom to live fearlessly. I feel my mortality more than I ever did before...

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Bank Australia

Dinesh rubbed Mark’s arm with his thumb to help his partner feel comfortable as the crew gathered around behind the camera for the last round of shots for the day. “Is this too close?” Mark asked. Out of habit, I wondered if I would be reproached for the intimacy of the pose...

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If Change Were a Person…

This counseling session happened after a sudden move from Africa back to the US. We were given one week’s notice to pack our bags, leave the country, and go directly to a live-in counseling center where we would stay for 3 months...

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How to Separate the Men From the Boys

If you thought this could only happen in Pakistan, you are wrong. It happened in Singapore, and it even happened in Australia (even though there, I had to earn my spot in earnest)...

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Adulthood Across Three Continents

I was fortunate. My parents (to whom I bear no animosity by the way) did, in fact, keep me supported financially until I was finished with university and had entered the military...

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What The Birthday Gods Delivered

Then there was the McDonald’s birthday trend. Uncle Sam had muscled his way into the Karachi youth’s minds, and a Happy Meal and rides on colorful slides were the dream in the late 90s. I didn’t have one, but I was invited to one. It was an utter disappointment...

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The Man-Child Within

In my native Spain, children at age six could drink 1/4 strength wine. At 16, you went to full strength. In Hawai’i when I was flying, it was “Hey, bruddha, can you drink with us?” Likewise, on Guam, the test would be handing someone a 5 dollar bill and asking them to go buy a 6-pack of beer...

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Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

We talk about adulthood this month, as writers and TCKs who are both well-versed and novices in the subject. While we may not know it all, we are sure to score big points for our honesty and are quite proud of the line up of stories coming your way. Stay tuned for our scoops on marzipan houses, Bollywood birthdays and men-children.

You'll see a few new authors on TCK TOWN this August too. Yay! You know what this means. It's time you swallow your shyness and send us your piece! We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch at



Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)

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