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What The Birthday Gods Delivered

Then there was the McDonald’s birthday trend. Uncle Sam had muscled his way into the Karachi youth’s minds, and a Happy Meal and rides on colorful slides were the dream in the late 90s. I didn’t have one, but I was invited to one. It was an utter disappointment...

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Our Newest Theme

It's our birthday!

So, of course, this means we will be celebrating all month!

It's been a whole year and we still have many stories to share. As well as some fantastic new submissions, we will be travelling the world learning about celebratory foods, new friends, older memories and TCK traditions.

Thank you for reading our stories over these twelve months and for sharing some of your own along the way! We are excited to continue writing for you in our second year at TCK TOWN.



Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)


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