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Home Tastes Like Chicken Adobo

The meal is comforting but a little bittersweet, since the usual suspects aren’t around the dining room table tonight for this adventure with my Lola’s written recipes. The food just didn’t seem as complete without my Lola hovering over us to see if we’ve gotten enough sauce over our rice mounds…

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The Nightly Pilgrimage

That simple meal became an exquisite engagement of all the senses - we pieced apart the flaky, buttery roti, swirled it in the rich red and oranges of the curry to agitate the spicy aromas and scooped up some egg towards our lips - all whilst surrounded by the gentle sounds of fresh batter sizzling on the hot plate...

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Food for the TCK Body & Soul

Before speaking to my mom, I believed I had no habits to uphold as an adult living on my own, but perhaps I was wrong…

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Dear Chook-Chook (A Letter To My Daughter)

As a three-year-old, you once suddenly said to your father: “Papa, you are brown.” And he gently took you to mirror and stood beside you as said, “Yes Chook-Chook, and so are you.” The answer seemed to satisfy you then. But there will be times when it won’t and you’ll wish you were whiter, lighter and eating ‘Australian’ for dinner...

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To a Land of Simpler Life and Spanish

My earliest memories are of traveling back and forth on ‘Mr. Continental’ and ‘Mr. American’ from Honduras to Illinois, to see Grandma and Grandpa at Christmas time and feed the cows. When we were there, we spoke English and ate Krispy Kreme donuts. When we were back home, we spoke Spanish and ate beans and tortillas...

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The Mooncake Meeting

I revelled in the power of my many homes. I sit in my room for hours and listen to that Thai singer.
and muse about the camels from my Arab home...

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