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No Formalities

Sara promptly opened the fridge, retrieved sustenance in the form of canned tuna and continued. After the session was over and everyone had left, I returned to my fridge and to my horror (distaste, displeasure, disdain, etc.) saw $1.10 lying on the counter…

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My (P)lucky Mum (An Inspiring & True Tale)

In the past 6 years I have watched my mum utterly transform - a shift that started the first day she stepped into her chosen university. She went from calling us about the location of her saved files to independently researching university databases and overloading her bookmarks tab...

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Ping Pong Across the Indian Ocean

Many people didn’t know what Pakistan was. Right after 9/11, they did. I was instantly grouped with the ‘raghead/camel jockey/dune coon’ Arabs, who should all collectively ‘go back to where they came from’. Only thing was, there were no Arabs in the school, so they must have been referring to me...

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