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Warming Hearts, Warring Worlds

You wonder whether you have traded one death sentence for the next as the engine fails and the old boat moans under the angry tumbling of ocean...

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No Formalities

Sara promptly opened the fridge, retrieved sustenance in the form of canned tuna and continued. After the session was over and everyone had left, I returned to my fridge and to my horror (distaste, displeasure, disdain, etc.) saw $1.10 lying on the counter…

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The Tranquil King

I gently removed something from his black hair and studied his handsome face carefully. He was no longer the boy I was sweet on. He was now the well-read and intelligent young man I spent a decade loving with ease...

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Books of Closure

They are not my journals capturing my innermost thoughts from year to year, but were gifted to me between cities, countries and oceans. Each page is a message of parting ways, of luck, of advice or of hope...

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I Will Carry That Rice Cooker Out Like a Purse

My “real” boyfriend has his family coming from Brazil. He politely tells me to “move out” for the duration of the trip. I pay half the rent. He wants to keep “Portuguese house,” which means he doesn’t want to speak English in front of his family...

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The Friend In The Mirror

People will say one nation or region is more friendly than another. I honestly can say I think that people are pretty much the same all over the world. So if you are an asshole in Baltimore, moving to another country won’t magically transform you into everyone’s hero...

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Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

How we define, nurture and interpret friendships is at the spine of what makes a Third Cultured adult different from a local. Are we better adapted to being vulnerable? Are we way too fragile? Are we naturally more social? Are we completely over it? We hope at least one of our articles this month might answer some of your questions about the friends you've founded across the world.

Are we missing a perspective? Great! Send your story to and we can fill that gap together :)



Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)

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My Also Family

My family and my blood are in Alaska. My heart will hold up north and I fool no one. But my also “family” exists as much to me down in Texas and California, Washington and Tokyo... 

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My floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the city street doesn't stop me boogie-ing alone in my underpants at home. Melbourne's ideals about acceptance, love and normalisation of a woman's body have helped me shrug off nakedness as no big deal...

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My Unicorn and I

I can choose how Japanese I am: I never leave my chopsticks standing up in a bowl of rice because that is a funeral practice here and I avoid the number 4 like the plague in food service... 

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