The TCK Disconnect

In this world, the more interconnected we are, the more we rest on our laurels. We know we are in constant contact with everyone, so we forego personal contact with loved ones.

My college experiences led to close friendships with a diverse group of people but when college ended, we all went our separate ways and became scattered around the world. Distance created isolation and it was then that I had to make a decision on who I would meet on my yearly travels, and who would miss out.

Life is, unfortunately for most of us, not a continual case of jet-setting to different locations courtesy of an eccentric uncle’s cheque book. We need to put bread on the table and due to that, some global friendships are restricted to calls and messages. These calls and messages become more distant, till they become yearly obligatory wishes on birthdays or religious festivals.

I have lost many a close friend to the realm of acquaintanceship through this process. But that’s how the cookie crumbles, and so I wait for the day when I will get the opportunity to relive those memories with these previously close friends—in person, rather than over calls and messages.