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Finding Common Ground in Minnesota

We were both required to take a placement test. I didn’t place very high, but brought my results to my advisor and got signed up no problem. Samiya, on the other hand, took it and scored very high. When she brought her results to her advisor, he said, “No way is this your score. No way a person like you can score this high”…

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My (P)lucky Mum (An Inspiring & True Tale)

In the past 6 years I have watched my mum utterly transform - a shift that started the first day she stepped into her chosen university. She went from calling us about the location of her saved files to independently researching university databases and overloading her bookmarks tab...

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The Untouchable Ones

I would be there, waiting, percolating in the heady cultural mix of art and artist; a moth ever drawn to their bright blooming flames. Each masterpiece was a welcome segue from the mundaneness of everyday public service life; a provocative play on social boundaries that relentlessly questioned the conservative mores of the Saudi Arabia of my teens, and revealed just how far removed I had become from the Lebanese traditions of my youth...

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The Accidental Career

I think the crux of this article is that my background as a TCK led me to never worry too much about the specific job I was doing. As long as it was somewhat in my area, and in a place I could live with — even if I wasn’t an expert I figured I could always learn...

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We Don't Fit In

I recognize Lilly’s distress because when I was nineteen I returned from where I had been living in Venezuela with my diplomat parents to my home nation of the UK to start university. It probably took me a good year to settle in—at the start, I just didn’t feel like I could identify with any of my fellow students, and I was lost...

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The Mooncake Meeting

I revelled in the power of my many homes. I sit in my room for hours and listen to that Thai singer.
and muse about the camels from my Arab home...

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