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Blood And Water

Declarations such as “shame on them”, “I’d rather my daughter died than bring dishonour to the family”, “she must’ve dabbled in black magic to brainwash that poor boy”, and “I hope they’re found and shamed publicly” were made with great gusto, and to my adolescent brain, conjured up horrific visions which nearly made me throw up my dinner...

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The Haunted Ice Rink in Deira


The golden part of the evening, though, was trick-or-treating. For those of you who may have already thought ahead, yes oh yes, that meant the building became a 31 storey candied lolly-land, with at least 20 apartments on each floor to choose from—though chose we did not—we made sure to pay a visit to every single one…

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To a Land of Simpler Life and Spanish

My earliest memories are of traveling back and forth on ‘Mr. Continental’ and ‘Mr. American’ from Honduras to Illinois, to see Grandma and Grandpa at Christmas time and feed the cows. When we were there, we spoke English and ate Krispy Kreme donuts. When we were back home, we spoke Spanish and ate beans and tortillas...

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Expat Brat

If you look up the term ‘expat brat’ on Urban Dictionary, and you will find ‘spoilt’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘elite’ thrown in the description. I don’t even enjoy being labelled an ‘expat’, let alone a ‘brat’...

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We’re Living On Borrowed Time

Seeing the birthday boy or girl so happy, feeling so fulfilled, you couldn’t help but know it was temporary. Perhaps the year after, that very same birthday boy or girl would be in a new country, with new friends, doing it all over again...

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A Djinn By Any Other Name

I had felt the presence of Jaini high in the mountains of Iran and in summer especially along the shores of the Caspian, but the djinn is a shapeshifter that passes by effortlessly -- unseen to the untrained eye...

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