Returning to the Ocean's Wave

I’m here again, walking across the beach
Hoping to trace the same footsteps I took as a child
This is my beach, the place I grew up, played
I can hear my younger self yelling with delight
When I close my eyes, tears fall
Gasping with surprise when I touch the sea
The same reaction as back then
20 years ago, maybe more
I never thought I’d be here again
I know how older people feel
When they return to a country abandoned long ago
It feels wonderful, but I’m frightened
It could be wonderful, but I don’t know for sure
That time back then was full of happy memories
I’m afraid to rewrite them
With unpleasant experiences
Childhood and adult life are so different
Both full of difficulties
Both giving way to lessons of resilience
I touch the water again, and say a prayer
After all, I’m here again.