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Rediscovering Myself as a TCK

Am I Korean or American? Am I more Korean or more American? Which side do I belong to? Who am I?—I kept asking until last night, the night of the TCK student organization meeting and the night that changed my perception of my own personal and cultural identity forever…

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Owning My Culture Crown


I put my gown on and placed my tiara on my curly updo. Finally, I awarded myself the “Miss America” sash that I had marked with a sharpie to say “Miss ATCK,” instead…

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Where Do I Begin?

I became the ‘Pakistani Australian’ or the ‘Australian Pakistani’ depending on whether I was meeting Sam or Sameet…

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Dear America, We're Breaking Up

I don’t have a filter when it comes to talking about wanting to leave America. Sometimes people seem to get personally offended by the idea that I wouldn’t want to stay and live in this country…

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My sense of belonging fluctuates like an erratic pulse and my nationalistic pride skyrockets when faced with a belligerent non-Pakistani who questions the mess my country has become...

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