My Analogue Life

Spring’s promise yesterday
Is winter’s prank today
Mercury slithers down the thermometer
Like a corpse drained of blood

When I was young
And rarely shaved
My little green island
With big brown men
Never needed thermometers
Not in a constant summer

My breath now steams a window
I stand, stare out
and jot down thoughts
on reused paper
with a scratchy, inky nib

In my analogue life

This ocean is not mine
I was born in another
Moved, learned, lived, cried
and loved somewhere else

This one
Ringed with volcanoes
Is not mine
I was there
I am here
I belong nowhere
and everywhere

I watch the rain
I hear my breath
I see the leaves bob with the weeping rain

Tick, tock
your life will pass you by
says my leather-strapped watch

In my analogue life