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Past the Point of Resilience

I never thought that this change I loved so much would betray me. When my dad started talking, tears ran down my face as I soaked in his words and tried to make sense of what he was saying. We were leaving Peru in three days. No one in Peru knew we were leaving...

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Dear America, We're Breaking Up

I don’t have a filter when it comes to talking about wanting to leave America. Sometimes people seem to get personally offended by the idea that I wouldn’t want to stay and live in this country…

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Finding Common Ground in Minnesota

We were both required to take a placement test. I didn’t place very high, but brought my results to my advisor and got signed up no problem. Samiya, on the other hand, took it and scored very high. When she brought her results to her advisor, he said, “No way is this your score. No way a person like you can score this high”…

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