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Past the Point of Resilience

I never thought that this change I loved so much would betray me. When my dad started talking, tears ran down my face as I soaked in his words and tried to make sense of what he was saying. We were leaving Peru in three days. No one in Peru knew we were leaving...

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Wogs and Dings—Enemies of the State

The peace and tranquility were the main draw cards of Coolbinia Primary School, but it was also one of its major pitfalls. They bred comfort—the type which people get possessive about…

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If Change Were a Person…

This counseling session happened after a sudden move from Africa back to the US. We were given one week’s notice to pack our bags, leave the country, and go directly to a live-in counseling center where we would stay for 3 months...

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Our Newest Theme:

Welcome to our newest theme!

There's a lot of chit chat going on behind the scenes this month. The theme is interviews - of the self and of others. We're uncovering how locals feel about TCKs, and how we may have influenced those around us. We're also uncovering how we feel about TCKs - we've looked searchingly at our own multilocal lives and are introducing ourselves one by one through our own personal profiles.

It's nice to meet you!


Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)

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