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If Change Were a Person…

This counseling session happened after a sudden move from Africa back to the US. We were given one week’s notice to pack our bags, leave the country, and go directly to a live-in counseling center where we would stay for 3 months...

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I Wait Eagerly for the Day

During one of the karaoke interludes, I was tapped on the shoulder, firmly but warmly by a tall indigenous man, with light green eyes and a captivating smile. “Mate, how are you doin’?”...

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Home is Where You’re Asked for Directions

I think of a mental curse to send telepathically to the man as the dust settles. “May the sharks of this city devour you,” something along those lines, but much less poetic and much more livid. I feel like I am a character in a film, complete with a story unfolding in front of me...

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It’s a Small World When You Are Japanese in Montana

When I was first hired to teach, there was something that used to rub me the wrong way; students would interrupt my lessons to ask me questions about my hometown or cultural practices...

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We Don't Fit In

I recognize Lilly’s distress because when I was nineteen I returned from where I had been living in Venezuela with my diplomat parents to my home nation of the UK to start university. It probably took me a good year to settle in—at the start, I just didn’t feel like I could identify with any of my fellow students, and I was lost...

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Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

In partnership with the ever wonderful Behind The Label, we are so excited and proud to share our latest edition with you!

This month we explore the topic Bridging Worlds and how TCKs experience those serendipitous and sometimes jarring connections between the places of our pasts and our present. It's a delicious collection of varied cities, travels and conversations that we know you will adore.

We have left one publishing slot open for 30 September for anyone who would like to send a final piece in! Flick your work through to



Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)

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