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Worship in Sri Lanka

Not a practicing Buddhist, there is one cultural practice Ava Senaratne still upholds when she travels back to Sri Lanka to see her grandparents. This mini article will quickly describe this local custom of hers.

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Her Wedding Purse

Even though my grandmother has been diagnosed with dementia, she still proudly kits up with her 'wedding purse' on her way to the bank, or to the grocery store. I have watched in dismay as the older members of my family have gently taken that gorgeous bag out of her hands and replaced it with a sensible leather satchel, the more practical choice for her weekly errands...

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Love, Porn and knowing the difference

Before I was to be slowly torn down by my relationship with August, I had newly discovered my TCK identity and was sure he was the missing piece of who I was. I was living in an amazing share house with maybe 8 or 9 different nationalities rotating through it at any one time – and amongst these students, professionals and travellers alike – I was happy that I had finally found my people…

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