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Raising The Bar

Santa would land his sleigh on our roof, enter our house through the back door, tiptoe his way toward the tinsel and flashing lights that were wrapped around the pillars and cupboards of our built-in home bar and leave a pile of presents placed neatly atop the counter...

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The Haunted Ice Rink in Deira


The golden part of the evening, though, was trick-or-treating. For those of you who may have already thought ahead, yes oh yes, that meant the building became a 31 storey candied lolly-land, with at least 20 apartments on each floor to choose from—though chose we did not—we made sure to pay a visit to every single one…

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Expat Brat

If you look up the term ‘expat brat’ on Urban Dictionary, and you will find ‘spoilt’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘elite’ thrown in the description. I don’t even enjoy being labelled an ‘expat’, let alone a ‘brat’...

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To Exchange, Rearrange and Live Estranged.

I easily adapted to the parts of her culture that were were new to me; I ate squid for the first time out of her lunch box and nodded with interest when she introduced me to weird-looking creatures she loved — the first Pokemon!

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