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Blood And Water

Declarations such as “shame on them”, “I’d rather my daughter died than bring dishonour to the family”, “she must’ve dabbled in black magic to brainwash that poor boy”, and “I hope they’re found and shamed publicly” were made with great gusto, and to my adolescent brain, conjured up horrific visions which nearly made me throw up my dinner...

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All Is Fair In Love And War

One ‘wedding success’ metric - and an indicator of societal-actualization - is how many events you can throw. Rather than having a single event (fewer events would require fewer hours of mental strain – which reach levels akin to that of interrogation methods utilized by intelligentsia), you have events in multiples of 3 or 4...

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Love On The Wires

You and I were practically joined at the hip. For every joke I heard, you laughed at the same point I did. Our humor was like honey poured into a biscuit, where each half reopened to show a mirror shape. You and I fit, we stuck together, we clicked...

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