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You Will Find Inspiration Where You Least Expect It

I found myself getting jaded and cynical. I was constantly surrounded by plight, with nothing to hold onto for inspiration. The revolutions I heard about in microfinance, social business, and other development sector related interventions were not taking place here...

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The Accidental Career

I think the crux of this article is that my background as a TCK led me to never worry too much about the specific job I was doing. As long as it was somewhat in my area, and in a place I could live with — even if I wasn’t an expert I figured I could always learn...

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I’ll Prove Mummy Wrong Yet!

Daydreams also hit roadblocks. Living across cultures as a travel writer is all well and good if you only have yourself to look after. It is harder if you are trying to raise kids and need a 9 to 5 to provide for them...

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