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The Art of Seduction: TCK Male Chronicles

For the sake of science, and the greater cause of humanity, one TCK-male set off on an empirical journey to discover the romantic intricacies of women, worldwide. On his quest into unchartered territories (well, not completely unchartered, but how many can claim a voyage to woo the world?), he propositioned females from different countries... 

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Global Love

I distinctly remember feeling inspired by the idea of the young, reckless love depicted in the movie, which was swiftly followed by utter mortification at the scenes showing physical intimacy. I was a product of a Pakistani, Muslim household, and any form of physical contact with the opposite sex was severely frowned upon.

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Late To The Party

I grew up in Pakistan, where one’s life’s trajectory is comfortably pre-ordained: one must get a tertiary education at a reputable institution, during or following which one must get married and “settle down”, and then, of course, oblige one’s in-laws by producing a strategically interspersed brood of obedient children...

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