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Warming Hearts, Warring Worlds

You wonder whether you have traded one death sentence for the next as the engine fails and the old boat moans under the angry tumbling of ocean...

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No Formalities

Sara promptly opened the fridge, retrieved sustenance in the form of canned tuna and continued. After the session was over and everyone had left, I returned to my fridge and to my horror (distaste, displeasure, disdain, etc.) saw $1.10 lying on the counter…

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Separating Across Tokyo.

Schedules fill with meetings across Tokyo. I might pass through 80 stations on the subway in a day. My mind wanders on the rides. I look at ads and listen to music and the flashes of light on the glass turn into mirrors in the dark tunnels. I can almost see you standing next to me in the reflections like you did when you lived here.

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The Mooncake Meeting

I revelled in the power of my many homes. I sit in my room for hours and listen to that Thai singer.
and muse about the camels from my Arab home...

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The Grass is Green Wherever I Am

I was surrounded by music and swing-dancing and prayer and a community of 400 people that attended the wedding. In my Dusty Rose dress in line with the other girls I felt like I was playing dress-up, assuming my part in an American wedding movie...

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My First Two Favourite Tokyo Boys

I liked his big, round glasses and how he drew Mount Fuji for me on a spare piece of paper because I was disappointed that it was again obscured from our view ("now you can say you've seen it"). I became quickly smitten...

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The Friend In The Mirror

People will say one nation or region is more friendly than another. I honestly can say I think that people are pretty much the same all over the world. So if you are an asshole in Baltimore, moving to another country won’t magically transform you into everyone’s hero...

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An Uncertain Delta

I met J in the flesh on a very cold January day in New York City. We were at the big Barnes & Noble in Times Square. I was only seventeen. I gave her my copy of Haruki Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun as a first-meeting gift...

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Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

How we define, nurture and interpret friendships is at the spine of what makes a Third Cultured adult different from a local. Are we better adapted to being vulnerable? Are we way too fragile? Are we naturally more social? Are we completely over it? We hope at least one of our articles this month might answer some of your questions about the friends you've founded across the world.

Are we missing a perspective? Great! Send your story to and we can fill that gap together :)



Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)

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Love On The Wires

You and I were practically joined at the hip. For every joke I heard, you laughed at the same point I did. Our humor was like honey poured into a biscuit, where each half reopened to show a mirror shape. You and I fit, we stuck together, we clicked...

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