A stamp printed on blue paper in a stingray shape
blame the flaps

Just enough space without lines
to let others know you are still alive

One step up from a postcard
too public, those; these, at least, are sealed

French classmates said they were inexpensive
German friends pronounced them efficient 

British acquaintances called them origami
Coal-miner cousins opened them like Chinese puzzles

Australian co-workers made them into airplanes 
It didn’t fly far with that 90 yen stamp

Today I found one unused in a desk drawer—forgotten long ago
Replaced by email and Skype

What fun to find a fountain pen
And scratch out a letter

The discovery in someone’s mailbox
Was there puzzlement? An incredulous gaze?

Read where I went
Know what I experienced

Hello Aerogramme.
Good-bye Aerogramme.

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