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Dear 2008 You

It is 2008, and our conversation is yet to ride the waves of the internet. Like a bird that seeks to beat a fast-moving train, it is getting harder to pick up where we left off. No matter how furiously we scurry and scribble through each page, our letters tarry to the finish line, lagging three months behind, responding to a stadium that has long emptied.

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Cutting Along The Bias

Despite the media’s scrutiny of migrants and TCK’s, a number of people are refusing to let their opinion be swayed by the negative rhetoric and instead are choosing to form their own opinions untainted by unconscious bias...

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The Digestible

This guy really is just passing the time, I deduce from his gestures, intonation, and eye contact. He has bigger fish to fry, women to (attempt to, at the least) seduce, beers to guzzle, joints to roll, greasy kebabs to inhale at ungodly hours, and throbbing Sunday morning headaches to nurse. He would rather talk about prostates and pension funds than hear what I’ve got to say...

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