Giada De Laurentiis’s Culinary Trails & Travels

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Being one of the binding glues of social fabric, food plays a significant role for TCKs. This is certainly the case for Giada De Laurentiis, an Italian-born American chef, writer, and television personality.

Born in Rome, Giada often found herself immersed in the family's kitchen and spent a great deal of time at her grandfather's restaurant. De Laurentiis went on to study at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, with burning aspirations of becoming a pastry chef, however on moving to America, she tapped into the large Italian diaspora, steeped deeply in its culinary tradition.

She is a well-known figure in international food circles, having had her daytime cooking show ‘Everyday Italian’, and has hosted a two-part Food Network special entitled ‘Giada in Paradise’, featuring Capri, Italy (where she continues to find culinary inspiration).

She has recently released a new show ‘Giada in Italy’, which chronicles her food travels around the Amalfi Coast. Bringing together landscape, weather, and the local traditions, Giada shows how critical food is to her identity, and that of many parts of Italy.

How has food played a role in discovering the intricacies of your TCK identity?

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This piece provides an introduction to Giada’s show, which apart from recipes, highlights other elements of the Italian culture, which make Italy a destination for foodies.

This piece shows the breathtaking landscapes and vistas on the Amalfi coast, which complement the food Italy has to offer.

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