Recipe 4: Mi Gorgasm

The Germans have their bratwursts, the Americans have their weiners and the Spanish have their chorizos. While there’s something to be said for sausage, they play second to one of the best exports out of Indonesia: their noodle.

My first time with said noodle was in college (granted, I was kind of a late bloomer). When I asked my friends about their first experiences, some confessed that they’d gone home to it after a first date or left parties early for it. Others boasted they’d had three sessions in one night.

Everyone enjoys their version of this noodle a bit differently (e.g. hard, softer, wet, etc). I personally prefer my Indomie Mi Goreng al dente and will share my personal style of making it when I get that urge.


2 x Bowls (Bowl One and Bowl Two)
1 x packet of Indomie Mi Goreng

Steps to make Mi Goreng:

1.  Make the kettle hot.

2.  Slip noodles out of their packet. Guide them into Bowl One.

3.  Rip apart sauce packets.

4.  Squeeze sauces into Bowl Two.

5.  Fill Bowl One with hot, hot water. Submerge noodles. Cover Bowl One with a plate.

6.  Lock eyes and gaze with desire at your noodles for two minutes.

7.  Select a special noodle and use a firm index finger to prod. Ensure they are al dente. Drain water from Bowl One.

8.  Lay your noodles down into Bowl Two with the saucy mixture.

9.  Stir passionately.

10. Devour.

11.  Don't stop.

12. Keep going.

13. Rest.

14. Get ready for another round.


Note from the Editor: This is what TCK TOWN is all about.
Frances has given us a picture perfect method for serving up Mi Gi the way Melbourne singles and students swear by in Australia. As Steph identifies with Indonesia and Melbourne as her TCK homes, her Mie Goreng recipe is a fusion of both. Each has its own cultural significance - and we have room to hear them both! Instead of right and wrong, let's listen out for the sameness in our differences.