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The Untouchable Ones

I would be there, waiting, percolating in the heady cultural mix of art and artist; a moth ever drawn to their bright blooming flames. Each masterpiece was a welcome segue from the mundaneness of everyday public service life; a provocative play on social boundaries that relentlessly questioned the conservative mores of the Saudi Arabia of my teens, and revealed just how far removed I had become from the Lebanese traditions of my youth...

Welcome to our newest theme!

It's about time we wrote this issue! Even though there are many ways that we are wildly different, all of us at TCK TOWN have a deep passion for the arts that has united us for a good year and a half across borders and oceans. 

Our wonderful team and new contributors are not only talented storytellers, they have plenty to share about their cross-cultural experiences of music, the visual arts, poetry and creative history that you will enjoy diving into. You'll see a few of of our very early articles featured again too!

If you have any TCK artworks which meets our guidelines, please send them my way at, or feel free to post them on our Community Facebook Group. We'd love to see what you can do too!

A BIG thank you to Ashleigh Leyshon, Lilith Palmer and Lucy O'Connor for editing this edition.


Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)