I'm comfortable in the smooth, wooden seat of the penultimate row in Deakin Edge. Nancy MacLean is extremely charismatic in her talk about the book Democracy in Chains. The Yarra River laps along the river banks with ease outside (I can see the water through the glass walls of Fed Square). I have every reason to be present but my brain is itchy. 

 It is trying to reach through my skull, across the cold city roads and spring night air, towards my apartment in the other corner of the CBD. On my desk is a brochure for Melbourne Fashion Week with my initial branding frameworks scribbled on it.

 Internally, as a team, for a few months, we've been flirting with the idea for a new brand name. After our first year running, we've seen that non-TCKs find our magazine's name difficult to remember. Others say they like "Tick town" and can't wait to read more from us. Most importantly, we felt that "Third Culture Kids" don't include the adults in our community. And is it a fair word to represent refugees who share some of the cultural conflicts many of us often face?

I will admit my choice of "TCK TOWN" was rushed. I liked the alliteration and I was eager to get the website online, so we barrelled ahead, and I had every confidence that if we could rebrand, we would, and we would do it well.

 We've opened this pop-up rebrading blog, not only to share our rebranding journey, but to work with our readers to create our new name. It is going to be rough and a true work-in-progress space, and a great chance for you to look past our polished pages to see who the team really is and how we think. Please comment on anything and everything!

For me, it's where I learn to take a deep breath and open my arms to future typos, low resolution photographs and unedited entries, which is slightly against my DNA as an art director!

 We're so excited to create this new name with you and set off on this messy, creative, collaborative journey with you. This is what I know so far:

- We're looking for a new name.

- We are aiming for our content and our submissions to stay untouched.

- At this stage, I see no reason to change the look and feel of our website. 

- The look of our Instagram posts and style may be tweaked, but in general, we love heroing beautiful imagery and keep our look simple and strong. 

- I would like the team to remain unchanged. 

- I would like to keep our internal processes running the way they always have been. 

Basically, we're simply looking for a memorable, more inclusive magazine name without any other major changes to anything else at all. Easy!

 Nancy's session is almost over. I'm about to get back to being more responsible during this shift at the Melbourne Writers Festival. My brain is less itchy. I'm about to hit 'publish', having compiled a blog entry for the first time on my phone. I have no idea how this post is going to look on www.tcktown.com and I am already comfortable with the lack of control I have over that. This is going to be fun!



A mag-nificent start