Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

We have so many strong articles to share with you this month, all of which are quite empowering and affirming of the TCK way of life. 

I might know what you're thinking. 'Ah, man. Why does TCK TOWN only write about the positive side of being a TCK?' I would argue first, that if you look closely, a lot of our articles are gritty, vulnerable, extremely personal and have some tough topics to share.

But, I would also say that I get your point. All of our articles have a learning or a positive outlook we've gained from the tough times. Why so constructive (and glass-half-full)? Because it is so hard to be a TCK! Our inner dialogues (and the voices of those around us who might not understand where we're from) are tough enough to battle without our articles adding to those hard conversations. We hope our journal adds to the positive self-worth you hold and can give you insights and guidance that many of us weren't lucky enough to encounter on our own.

If you have any articles which meet our guidelines, or that you think would fit nicely into this theme, please send them my way at editor@tcktown.com, or feel free to post them on our Community Facebook Group. We'd love to read your work!

I hope you enjoy this edition!

A BIG thank you to Ashleigh Leyshon, Lilith Palmer and Lucy O'Connor for editing 'Self Worth'.

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