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For the longest time I thought resilience was about endurance. It turns out that such a serious (and slightly laborious) word mostly describes our ability to "bounce" back in the most constructive way possible. To be quick, adaptive and clever so we can move on to better things.

I doubt having an accurate definition of the word 'resilience' any earlier would have made me a better TCK. At 30, even though I am a seasoned re-settler and traveller, I am still getting caught in cultural quagmires that are really throwing me for a loop. If I started TCKing when I was 2 years old, shouldn't I be a steeled and grizzly veteran when it comes to adaptability by now? Apparently not! 

My latest battle? Understanding the challenges of mental health as a Melbournian while trying to understand how challenging understanding mental health is for my Sri Lankan family. I believe I won't be springing out of this one anytime soon (but when I do, it will make for a great article!).

While I might not be the best frame of reference for cultural bounciness, our writers this month have put some exceptional work together that has done their editorial team proud. It's a strong November edition to bring 2017 closer to a close with!

Along with beautiful anecdotes about recent broken hearts, we have memories of busy Hong Kong streets, solid advice about how best to move countries, ways to stand tall as a TCK and incredible people of history that we still think about today. You're going to love what we have to share with you!

If you have any stories which meets our guidelines, please send them my way at editor@tcktown.com, or feel free to post them on our Community Facebook Group. We'd love to read your work!

I hope you enjoy this edition!

A BIG thank you to Ashleigh Leyshon, Lilith Palmer and Lucy O'Connor for editing 'Resilience'.

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