Our Newest Theme


Welcome to our newest theme!

We've made it easy for ourselves (but not really) and firmly left the sweet tinkling bells of our holidays behind by poring over the theme 'Family' this month. It has not been easy, but our brave writers have been honest, fair, constructive and kind in their approaches and ideas.

Interestingly, many of us have had a similar vein of thought - you may not get to choose your family, but you do get to choose how you treat each other. As individuals who have adapted, questioned and curated our own lives and beliefs - many of us have found it easier than most to ring out the challenge "yes, we are family, but so what?" Being related by blood might not necessarily give one a more generous allowance for mean-spiritedness, unearned loyalty or selfishness. Some of us have picked and chosen the people around us, while others have gracefully found the perfect medium between the varied swings of cultures diving themselves from their relatives.

We have submitted each piece with a great amount of love, gratitude and careful thought and have managed to sow in a few bedtime stories and poetic memories too. We hope you enjoy the next few weeks with us.

I would also like to say a fat I LOVE YOU to our own TCK TOWN family - to Paul, Danish, Anam, Farah and Steph who have been consistently wonderful to work with and who have been with the journal since the very first day we hit 'publish', to the incredible new writers that have been so giving of their time and their talents, to the awesome readers and subscribers who contribute those few moments each week to reach out and read our work. I am so grateful that all of you have become important members of this little cultural clan.

Happy New Year!