Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

Third Culture friendships are painful and what we live for all at the same time. Many of us thrive on reaching out and meeting new people, some of us are great at sending real love over snail-mail and Facebook chats, and a few may prefer to keep things 'light' in case we move again.

We hope there's an article in here that relates to a few of your experiences with friends and moving homes. If there isn't, let us know! Better yet, write us your story and we will get back to you right away about possibly publishing your work!

It's been an exciting month! We sent out a private preview of TCK TOWN's first digital-mini mag to our subscribers and we've had a new Events and Partnerships Coordinator join our team (who I will be introducing in our newsletter soon!)—it's all happening! 

Have any ideas on how we can improve? Want your own copy of the TINY TCK magazine? Send me an email at editor@tcktown.com and I'll be happy to hear you out :)

Have a great day!