Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

It is ironic that I am taking my leave during our "Career" month at TCK TOWN. I have neck and back injuries due to being far too glued to my screen. Working in the advertising industry means late hours, and as a freelancer even more so, and of course, I have been determined to fit our beloved TCK TOWN in most nights and weekends too but my poor muscles and bones have had enough. The team are well briefed and will do swimmingly without me this October, but if you notice a few oddities here and there, do bear with us until November!

This month we explore the topic Careers and it has been quite a meaty topic. Do TCKs have different experiences in the corporate world to our local friends? Do we choose different careers altogether because we are so mobile? Are our challenges unique to us alone? 

We have a wad of great stories for you this month which will go live every Wednesday and Saturday as always. Stay tuned :)

Ava Senaratne