Our Newest Theme


Welcome to our newest theme!

This newest edition is another reason to feel very grateful for the wonderful partnership TCK TOWN have with the very inspiring Behind The Label.

Marie from BTL and I set 'Bridging Worlds' as an open theme for both of our teams. Ash, Lilith and I have really enjoyed the work that has been submitted this month as a result. Many of the stories are delicious and serendipitous, tell bittersweet memories of the past or dive into tasty new experiences that have connected the authors to other places in interesting ways.

We have left one publishing slot open for 30 September for anyone who would like to send a final piece in! Flick your work through (or any questions you might have) to editor@tcktown.com

I would like to send a huge thank you to Ash and Lilith for their excellent work tirelessly editing each of these articles and striving so hard for excellence each time they've hit their keyboards for TCK TOWN. You two are awesome!

Dear readers, I hope you enjoy our latest edition!

Ava Senaratne