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We are a year old!

I can't quite believe it. We have come so far in a short 12 months. From speaking with Tayo Rockson on As Told By Nomads, to being tweeted by Cindy Gallop, to reaching 100 subscribers on our newsletter, to being featured for the first time in an event with Behind The Label - it has been a truly wonderful (and organic!) journey.

Our team is ever-growing, with new writers sending their stories in each month. Our Editor Ash has been kicking goals ever since she joined us at the start of this year and we are very excited about new opportunities with our new Events and Partnerships Coordinator, Bernadette. I am still amazed and inspired every day by the stories Paul, Steph, Farah, Danish and Anthony create and am so grateful they have been part of this very rewarding journey.

Thank you, dear readers, for your time and your words of encouragement! We have loved sharing ourselves with you and are beyond excited for a whole new year of adventures together.

It's party time! We will be celebrating all month with birthday stories from across the planet. Now, where's the cake?


Ava Senaratne