Our Newest Theme

Welcome to our newest theme!

Adulthood. Does it even exist?

I've got to say, I'm fortunate our writers believe it does, and have a variety of cross-cultural theories and experiences on the topic this month. We contemplate if adulthood really is a by-product of growing older, if TCKs are 'better' at adulting, and what some of us lost along the way while becoming grown-ups. A few writers are even candid enough to admit they're not there yet.

We would like to thank our very cool Facebook group for voting this topic in and giving us such a juicy subject to ponder (and post funny memes about on Slack). They've also set October's theme, Careers (they can be a bit serious, that lot). 

Is there a topic would you like us to write about? Send me an e-mail at editor@tcktown.com and we can certainly have a think about it.

I hope you enjoy our latest edition!

Ava Senaratne