Recipe 1: Stephanie Courtis


1 glass of avocado juice
1 plate of sambal goreng daging
1 bowl of sayur asam
1 handful of dates
5 figs
1 tub of hummus
1 jar of vegemite
1 bunch of rambutan
2 serves of paratha
1 bowl of tom kha gai
5 wheels of cheese
2 Indonesian rissoles with sambal
2 cups of roast pumpkin, pine nuts and goats cheese combined

Steps to make a Stephanie Courtis:

1.     Preheat stomach to level hangry and a half.

2.     Add bowl of sweet and sour sayur asam, crisp Indonesian rissoles and drown with a glass of rich avocado juice.

3.     Add sweet dates, plump figs and the flesh of rambutan before mixing thoroughly.

4.     Transfer a generous spoonful of sambal goreng daging and rich flaky paratha to the bowl before tossing in the delicate tom kha gai.

5.     Spread a luscious coat of hummus and velvety vegemite over the mixture before combining with soft roasted pumpkin, golden toasted pine nuts and salty, melt-in-your-mouth feta.

6.     Finish off with the 5 decadent wheels of pungent, full-bodied cheese. The cheese should be accompanied by a side of syrupy honey.

7.     Serve immediately.