All in Better Late Than Never

The Digestible

This guy really is just passing the time, I deduce from his gestures, intonation, and eye contact. He has bigger fish to fry, women to (attempt to, at the least) seduce, beers to guzzle, joints to roll, greasy kebabs to inhale at ungodly hours, and throbbing Sunday morning headaches to nurse. He would rather talk about prostates and pension funds than hear what I’ve got to say...

Welcome to edition two!

Wow. We have been stunned by the positive responses from our first edition and want to start by saying thank you for continuing on with us as we begin our second foray into the marvellous world of being a TCK. 

Somehow an unspoken rule has arisen between our writers: bare your soul and regret nothing. These incredible humans have been astoundingly brave in their admonitions: their downfalls, flaws, fears and vulnerabilities are printed fearlessly in this issue of "Better Late Than Never." I am so proud and in awe of them all.

The first article goes live this Sunday morning and it's a bit of a heartbreaker. We can't wait to share it.

If you have time, why don't you drop us a line? Let us know how well you think we're doing! While we wait earnestly to hear from you, we will lovingly labour on. We hope we're scratching that itch to connect candidly to new cultures you may not have met just yet.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Ava Senaratne
(From Sri Lanka, Dubai & Australia. Living in Melbourne)